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We have been involved in breed rescue since 1998 and after formalizing our program, creating a Board of Directors, and filling out much paperwork, we received our federal non-profit status in 2007. 

Our coordinators are located in southeastern South Dakota with volunteers spanning the five state region we serve.  We are an all volunteer-based organization providing sanctuary for boxers in need. 

Boxers come to us from shelters, as strays, from breeders, and from owners who for various reasons need to find their boxer a new home.  We provide the boxers in our care with a loving place to stay in a home environment, all needed veterinary care (including spay/neuter), basic training, behavior assessment, and, most importantly, a forever home once carefully matched with an adoptive family.  We keep boxers released to us in our care for a minimum of three weeks, which we have found is the minimum amount of time it takes for these dogs, even the ones from good, stable homes, to fully show us their personality.

We are not a pet store!!  Our first priority is the boxers in our care.  Please understand, many of our boxers come from less than ideal backgrounds.  Our goal is to find the dog's last and forever home!  While we do take into consideration the preferences of every potential adopter, our priority is finding the best home for every boxer. 

All SDBR volunteers are boxer lovers, boxer owners (even if in the process of finding their furever boxer family member), boxer admirers and boxer students.  We live this breed and have great respect for THEIR needs in both foster and forever homes.

All of SDBR volunteers are also working full time jobs, caring for family, and caring for our own (and often foster) boxers.  Please be patient as we answer questions and process applications in as timely a manner as possible.

Thank you for considering rescue!!

Email:  sdbr@sdboxerrescue.com

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South Dakota Boxer Rescue is a nonprofit, all volunteer effort where every boxer counts. The organization strives to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home all boxers in need. South Dakota Boxer Rescue makes every effort to educate the public about the boxer breed and responsible pet ownership.

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