Family Updates

Boxer Love

Allie, now Ollie has found the best home in North Dakota - he looks so proud to be a part of this beautiful boy's family.

Hailey has found her fabulous forever home where she is getting lots of love, exercise, discipline - what more could a girl ask for???

What a lucky boy Murphy ~ he could not have found a home that could offer more love!!!!

Looks like Carly is loved by her skin kid and boxer brother!  One big happy family.

Henri, now Jack, is very happy with his nurturing family.  Now only if the baby does not mind him stealing the comfort toys!

Jeremiah (Dublin) has certainly landed in a home where he is spoiled and loved as he deserves - and best of all he gets to hang out with two awesome skin kids.

Zoey looks content and peaceful in her furever home!  She has landed in a home where she will be made to feel safe and secure.

Dodger went from living in a outside pen where he was heartworm positive to living the good life.  Dodger could not have found a better place to call home.

Riggins has found his boy!  To think his future may have been living in a breeding kennel - thank you Jane for bringing Rigs to SDBR and thank you Sam for giving Rigs the life he deserves!

Rocky and Jon enjoying a calm, laid back moment!!!!

I think Major has found his little girl...and she clearly adores him!!! This is the life all boxers should have...

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South Dakota Boxer Rescue is a nonprofit, all volunteer effort where every boxer counts. The organization strives to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home all boxers in need. South Dakota Boxer Rescue makes every effort to educate the public about the boxer breed and responsible pet ownership.